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International conference on Educational Architecture – Education, Heritage, Challenges

Full Programme

The conference follows in the footsteps of the huge success of the 2017 international conference Educational Architecture – Pasts, Presents and Futures, which was held at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Copenhagen, in September. The structure of that programme led to a genuine and fruitful discussion of the challenges facing educational architecture today.

The three-day programme will combine plenary sessions involving addresses by keynote speakers with other sessions for the presentation of papers, as well as technical visits to schools and meetings with the school community. Two keynote speakers are confirmed for the event: Catherine Burke, Reader in History of Education and Childhood at the Faculty of Education, in the University of Cambridge, and Mark Dudek, specialist architectural design consultant with expertise in the design of schools and children’s centres at Mark Dudek Associates. We are strongly committed to providing opportunities for conference participants to interact with and learn from one another. A number of 'in person' sessions are built into the programme, specifically designed to promote interaction between participants.

The plenary sessions with keynote speakers will offer formal presentations on topics of general interest. These plenary sessions will be held during the mornings of the first and second days of the conference. Following each plenary session, the keynote speakers will also participate in the discussions. The aim of these sessions is to produce extended informal debates and to provide participants with the chance to meet and talk to the keynote speakers at some length, about the issues arising from their presentation.

The papers of other participants will be presented in the afternoon sessions of the first and second days, being grouped together in accordance with their general themes in single sessions open to all participants, followed by a group discussion.

On the third day of the conference, there will be a choice of technical visits to be paid to recently built or newly renovated kindergartens and primary and secondary schools in the city of Lisbon. These visits will provide excellent opportunities for participants to make closer contact with one another and will further enhance the conference experience.

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